Market focus

Financial features

The aim of the successful sustainable business model that OBG implements, involves delivering its expertise to the desired niche market. Numerous entrepreneurs in the agro-industrial business are seeking for a focused strategy based on principles of competitive advantage that will result in their domination at their specific field of action. At OBG, knowing its market and competitors, we aim at assisting those businesses and provide them with a provably prosperous model. The choice for the applicable markets that the model can be applied depends on a number of factors, most of which conclude to the available opportunities, the strength of the country’s economy alongside the banking system and naturally the financial stability.

Prosperous investment environments

Α business functions within an entire framework of comparative environment and has to manage their presence in it. The degree to which this entity prospers relies on the way it operates within this environment.

OBG is focusing on development of agro-industrial projects on emerging markets.
More specific: Africa, South America, Russia and CIS countries, India.