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OBG's milestones

OBG has a global network of operation including facilities and commercial offices around the world. Briefly the facilities are located in the following geographical areas:

  Processing units in Greece, Egypt and Brazil with a squeezing capacity of 600MT of fresh fruit per day per unit.
  Blending stations in Greece and Holland with a blending capacity of 400MT of product per day per unit.
  Offices in UK, Greece, Germany, USA, Korea and in many other countries around the world for selling but also combining global sourcing of fruits In more than 45 countries around the globe.
  R&D entities for development of new products in Greece and in Holland.

2000 / Fruit processing unit in Greece established.

2012 / R&D on agro-industrial sector entity established.

2012 / Commercial entity in UK established.

2013 / Farmer’s association established in Greece.

2015 / Fruit processing unit in Egypt established.

2016 / Blending station & Warehouse in Holland established.

2017 / Fruit processing unit in Brazil established.

2018 / Fruit packing house in Greece established.

2020 / Logistics & forwarding services entity established.

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OBG's core

OBG through its network of operation and companies located worldwide has established an expertise in the following fields:

Agro-industrial development >

OBG is focusing on holistic methods of agro industrial development by implementing projects and enhancing low productivity and market integration. The implementation of industrial cultivation techniques with the use of precise agriculture is the core competence.

Investments >

Acquisition of assets or entities that operate in the agro-industrial sector. OBG is participating on the shareholding scheme maintaining always the management of the investment unit.

Asset management >

OBG is focusing in the best practice of increasing total wealth over time by acquiring, maintaining, and trading assets that has as a goal to maximize the value of the investment.

Project management >

OBG by exploiting its expertise on specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques is able to deliver ready to operate projects. The turn key project may vary in the following range of categories: Fresh fruits  /  Industrial juices  / Ready to drink products

infographic for OBG core infographic for OBG core

OBG's values

At OBG we embrace the values of innovation, continuous growth and development of pioneer projects in agro-industrial sector all over the world.

Through innovation we always get motivated to aim for the best ideas and the highest standards for our customers, either they’re already fully-developed and productive or own newly established companies. Our goal is to make a difference to their businesses and their lives by implementing those ideas, provide them with quality products, deliver them premium services and equip them with the essential cutting-edge assets needed for their prosperity. All of which are tools that once leveraged they can reassure, not only the company’s growth but also a sustainable and distinctive presence for them in the agro-industrial field.

Why collaborate with OBG

To support the business growth and economic stability that will enable small corporations reinvest, improve and develop. To earn a place in the industrial market via a transparent process held with integrity, responsibility and commitment to the desired outcome.

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60 years of existence

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OBG group consists of 22 companies

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$212m. prosperous investments

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More than 1200 employees worlwide

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25% workforce increase on average every year

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A new idea is born every 10 minutes somewhere in our offices

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20 years of existence

icon for OBG companies

OBG group consists of 20 companies

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385 successful clients trust us

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$200m. prosperous investments

icon for workforce

25% workforce increase on average every year

icon for a new idea

A new idea is born every 10 minutes somewhere in our offices