International footprint

OBG in the world

One of the biggest advantages of OBG is the successful transition of the local business to the worldwide markets, creating new audience experience for its services and above all creating versatile accommodation channels for its customers and affiliates. Providing premium benefits to the broader range of agro-industry, from farmers to processors and commercial to forwarders, OBG has been evenly identified as a great leader in the business chessboard.

Therefore, having established a reliable presence in Europe, Africa and South America with production entities but also commercial ones all over the world, allowed the extension of a global footprint and the faster growth of the business itself, leading to further expansions in the upcoming future.

An international entity

Infographic for OBG Group globally
Flag of United Kingdom

United Kingdom: Commercial entity

Flag of Greece

Greece: Farms, farmer's association, RnD entity, processing & packing units, commercial

Flag of Netherlands

Netherlands: Blending station, warehousing facilities, logistics & forwarding services

Flag of Egypt

Egypt: Farms, processing units, commercial

Flag of Brazil

Brazil: Farms, processing units, commercial