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Company Presentation

Orange Be Global is a Global enterprise involving complex business operations (international projects), holding the Brand rights for Retail Bottle Products in different markets.

Sparti’s Juice in Greece(Orange NFC Juice, Orange NFC and Banana Puree Juice, Orange NFC Juice High Ratio, Orange NFC with Strawberry and Honey Juice, Lemonade Drink with Lemon NFC Juice, Orange with Blood Orange and Pink Grape Fruit NFC Juice, Blood Orange and Pomegranate NFC Juice), Fruit Life in Russia (Orange NFC Juice, Apple NFC Juice, Pineapple NFC Juice) and Sparta Juice in Korea (Orange NFC Juice, Lemonade).

Holding patent and Innovation rights and regulate the financial operations of all affiliate companies from its office in London UK.

Orange Be Global is based in UK.

Company mission

Market Premium Mediterranean NFC Juices – mainly outside EU, holding innovation rights and patents and regulate international operations.

Global supplier of industrial NFC juices

to emerging and advantage markets without terminal services
Global supplier of industrial Organic and Conventional NFC
based on the quality differentiation to emerging to advanced market with terminal services


Produce and blend quality products with one pasteurization


premium quality characteristics

Orange Be GLobal Goals

Aiming mainly to innovation and growth.

To participate and support companies with the same vision.

Acquiring corporal shares from several companies and also participates in new innovative projects.

The main target is to invest to the NFC juice market through innovative companies under the Orange Be Global affiliates.

To supply premium Orange NFC Juice from producing countries other than Brazil.

Company International Projects

  1. Egypt

    Acquisition of Orange farms, Production of Orange Valencia NFC on company owned facilities.

  2. Latin America

    Production of Orange NFC Juice on company contracted facilities.

  3. USA

    Enter the US market with Concentrates, Compounds and Taylor made products.

Major shareholding listing

  1. Biofresh

  2. KSY juice

  3. KSY blends

  4. Freshland

  5. Biofresh Europe


Lawyer 5/2015 (Athens, Greece)

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Architect 5/2015 (Athens, Greece)

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